Toaster vs Toaster Oven: What’s the Difference?

What is a better breakfast than a perfectly toasted bread (any pastry for that matter) slathered with butter and topped with your favorite fixings like avocado, cheese honey, or just anything that you like? As impressive as this sounds, it is not always possible for us to toast everything on the stove as you need to wait and watch it carefully to attain your desired amount of toasty-ness. That is why you have toasters and toaster ovens. However, these both are different, and we will tell you how! Here is the toaster vs toaster oven.

Before looking into the toaster vs toaster oven difference, let us see what each of these devices are:


A toaster is one of the oldest kitchen appliances founded, and its function is quite basic. If you own a toaster, then you know that does only one thing; that is toast bread. Initially, it was only possible to toast one side of your bread at a time, but soon the technology developed, and the double-side toasting toaster was created.

There are not many variations to a toaster. You can either buy the two slices toaster or the four slices toaster. Apart from that, you can get different colors and sizes.

Toaster Oven:

A toaster over has more complex settings, and it is so much more than a regular toaster. You can use it cooking and toasting many items, which we will mention further down the article. You have two types of toaster ovens; one is the countertop, and the other is the mounted toaster oven.

As the name itself suggests, the two types describe how you can install your toaster oven. You can just leave it on your counter and connect it to a power source, or else you can mount it to your wall.

Now, moving on to the differences

Toaster vs Toaster Oven Difference:


You know the toaster and toaster oven differ in their functions, and we will explain how! As we already explained, a toaster has only one function that is to toast bread. However, a toaster oven is highly versatile. You can prepare a whole with just a toaster oven.

Are you a big fan of pizza’s but you are too lazy to make one, and Dominos has already taken half of your salary this month? Then *enter* frozen pizza, that you can just cook it in the toaster oven easily. Apart from that, it can Bake, Broil, Warm, Reheat, Defrost, and more.


The difference in the size of these two cooking devices is significantly different. A regular toaster is very compact and can fit anywhere. You will not need any designated place to store it. On the other hand, a toaster oven is much bigger, and you will need a proper place to keep it and use it.

The difference in size is because of the difference in functions. We realize that we sound like a broken record at this point about the difference in the uses of the toaster and the toaster oven. Still, all other differences are directly or indirectly related to the functions.

Going back to the difference in sizes, a toaster oven is much bigger as it allows you to fit bowls inside it as you can reheat, defrost or do anything that you want.


The most basic toaster has no switches to change the temperature, although as it developed, we now have toasters with multiple heat levels. You can change the settings of the toaster according to how much you want to toast your bread. There are usually four heat settings. The 1st setting will be the least heat provision, and the 4th setting will be the most heat provision.

On the other hand, the toaster oven has a range of heat settings that allow you to keep the exact temperature that you need to cook your food to perfection. As the toaster oven serves many purposes, it is impossible to have a fixed heat provision as every food cooks at different times. To cater to this, the toaster oven has multiple settings with the ability to change the temperature according to your wish.


No matter how many fancy functions a toaster oven has, it will take more time for it to cook or toast things as the toaster oven can only slowly heat up; hence you will have to wait until the toaster oven is at the temperature that is needed to toast things.

If you look at the regular toaster, they will toast your bread in no time. They do not need to preheat before having to start the cooking process. The coils in the side of the toaster will heat up quickly and provide you a well-toasted bread.

That is all the difference between them; however, a common question people ask is:

Can a toaster oven replace a toaster?

Absolutely yes! A toaster oven can replace a toaster, but it comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

If you need things to be done at great speed, then a toaster oven will not be your friend. Especially in the mornings where you are in a hurry to get to work, you don’t have the time to preheat a toaster oven. However, if you love to take your time and enjoy your breakfast and have different meals, then you should go for a toaster oven.

Another factor to consider before purchasing either one of these is the availability of space in your home. If you live in a compact apartment with less space in your kitchen, then a good toaster is the way to go, but if you think you have the space to fit a big kitchen appliance, then you can surely buy a toaster oven.

Last but the most important factor is budget. If you have a bigger budget and you are ready to splurge a little, then you can opt for a toaster oven, but if you are just looking for a machine just to toast your bread, and if you have a tight budget, then the toaster is best for you.

We hope we cleared all your doubts about the toaster vs toaster oven! It is now time for you to pick the one for you.

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